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Discover the technique that makes me 10x more income, the Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage
by Celebrity Massage Therapist, Josie Rushing.

October 4th

7pm CST


London (UK)

5th of October at 10am

Sydney (AUS)

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Hey there, Josie Rushing here. I am a Celebrity Massage Therapist and Licensed Instructor. And after almost 10 years of working with women’s beauty, I’ve finally decided to share my professional skills & marketing secrets in one quick, easy, and lucrative online show.

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In this online class, you will unlock a new massage market that you would have likely never imagined would exist. I will show you how you can start to combine your passion for massage therapy, with being very well compensated (financially) and give your hands, body, & wrists a well deserved break from deep tissue massage. (You won’t be needing that anymore)

So, If you would like to increase your income up to 10x, would like to work at a slower pace with less effort & strain on your body and hands, want to forget all about those deep tissue efforts and the stress it causes to your thumbs, this THE BRAZILIAN BEAUTY SHOW is definitely for you.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, if you are male or female working with Massage, this The Brazilian Beauty Show will change your mindset forever.

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Massage Therapist, Esthetician, Body Contour Specialist,
Meet the future of Massage. Be the first to learn and profit from the Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Learn from the Best in the Market, the Celebrity Massage Therapist, Josie Rushing.

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Famous in the Hollywood celebrity scene, the Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage by Josie Rushing® is an exclusive method that instantaneously sculpts the body. It starts with an invigorating warm up, stimulating specific points of the body while improving blood circulation, either manually or with the “cupping” technique (which is a personal preference & decided on by the client) The Majority of the work is done manually and is perfect for aligning and exalting your curves.

Meet the Celebrity Massage Therapist, Josie Rushing.

Josie Rushing is a Self made Brazilian Celebrity Massage Therapist, who in less than 1 year, has Revolutionized the Beauty Industry in Texas. She has finally decided to share her professional skills & marketing secrets in one quick, easy, and lucrative 1 on 1 online course. 

The “Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage by Josie Rushing “ is on the forefront of the evolution of beauty. The “Lymphatic Drainage” massage is specifically known here in the U.S. Only for its therapeutic water release, but in Brazil we’ve laid out a completely different level of technique, for ladies that are looking for significant beauty results from just one single session of massage for Face, Body, Or Post Surgical care.