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The time has come for you to be valued, earn more and work less strenuously!

I’ll show you (step by step), how to deliver visible results from the very first session and have clients pay you more per session on a daily basis in a hands-on immersion course!

JUNE 26th

▸ Class in MIAMI

Immersion course will be happening in just:


You'll have the power to decide when to work, without the worry of bills that are due each month … but only when you become the No. 1 in your region!

Are you on the right track?

If you feel that...

You don't get paid enough per session

you're tired of not having time to spend with those who really matter

You've thought about giving up your own space because of the lack of clients

You've realized that you work a lot and the money doesn't stay with you.

You believe that you need a lot of experience to charge a fair amount per session



It’s up to YOU to decide to change your career!

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The Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage by Josie Rushing is a famous method among many Hollywood celebrities for instantly sculpting and contouring their body’s.

The work is done using only our hands and is based on a deep knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human BODY, combined with more than a decade of study and lots of practice.

What you will learn is a step-by-step method that you can start applying the very Next Day with your clients and see the results Immediately!

Sculpted BODY

✔ Curves more apparent and defined

✔ A more contoured FACE

✔ Smoother expression lines 

You’ll be able to deliver these results in less than an hour!

One day can change everything!

See what Your change will be like, at one of our stops on the Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Tour by Josie Rushing!

8:30am - 9am

Registration and breakfast

Here's the time to secure your accreditation and have a delicious breakfast while getting to meet other people who have the same goals, grow professionally, and take some photos.

9am - 12am

Immersing yourself in the Brazilian Lymphatic method:

“Immerse yourself in the Brazilian Lymphatic Method”: Here we'll learn (in great detail) how this method works and delve into all the theoretical bases so you know exactly what you're doing and why.

“Turning your hands into a profitable business”: The technical part alone is of no use!

Here, you'll learn to turn your hands into a truly profitable business!

“Strategies for filling your client list”: The secret to earning more is learning how to attract clients who will value you and pay you more per session, and here you'll learn the strategies that work best.

12h - 12:30


Lunch break to recharge your batteries.

12:30pm - 16pm

Getting down to business

This is the time to put everything that you've seen into practice, and learn the details of the techniques, from where to place your hands, to the amount of pressure that is required!

By securing your spot right now for the Immersion Course, you'll learn:

Plus, you'll also receive...

All of this down from


to only



Who Will Guide You

Josie Rushing is a self-made, six-time award-winning, Brazilian celebrity massage therapist.


She is one of the pioneers of Brazilian Lymphatic Massage in the U.S. and has personally served thousands of clients from her three Brazilian spa locations across America.


She also owns two product lines and has over 1000+ certified students (residing in 20 different countries), from her exclusive Brazilian Lymphatic Class!


Additionally, she has successfully closed a deal on Shark Tank Brazil and has been featured in numerous media outlets throughout the United States!


(CONTOURING) Any Client that receives the Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage by Josie Rushing will get all the benefits of the regular + contouring (for their FACE or BODY)

It is a trio of benefits: Relaxation for both the inside and out, Strengthens the immune system by oxygenating your cells (thereby increasing energy), & Helps with the appearance of cellulite / contours the clients BODY.

Famous in the Hollywood Celebrity scene, the “Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage by Josie Rushing®” is an exclusive method that instantaneously sculpts the BODY. It starts with an invigorating warm up, stimulating specific points of the BODY while improving blood circulation, either manually or with the “cupping” technique (which is a personal preference & decided on by the client) The Majority of the work is done manually and is perfect for aligning and exalting your curves.

50 minutes of hands on massage for the BODY and 25 minutes for the FACE.

We do not require any experience to take our Online courses, but you must verify, (according to the laws of your country/state), which regulations and licenses you would need to obtain before beginning to work with lymphatic drainage. If you decide to learn for yourself (for self lymphatic), you will be working in a non-regulated location, or if you’ll be doing it on others For Free in a Non-Businesslike  environment, a license will Not be required.

Not at all. Clients should feel a bit of discomfort in areas that are swollen but typically speaking, there is no pain.

Yes, if it is performed with a certified professional using the appropriate technique(s)

You can become certified in just one day. It will ultimately depend upon your schedule and your availability to complete all of the courses.

Unfortunately not.

Unfortunately not. Currently, only combos are available. More info that you have, the more successful you will undoubtedly become!

(Contouring) Any Client that receives the Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage by Josie Rushing will get all the benefits of a regular + the contouring (to their FACE and/or BODY). In regards to the Post Surgery, it is a completely different technique that not only helps the client to have a better recovery, but also maximizes their results. (You can also charge more with this technique.)

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