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Hey there esthetician!

Have you ever considered the joy of having your schedule full of clients – and – being able to charge more per session? Well, You’re definitely able to do both of these (easily) With the right technique.

I created this unique, 100% Brazilian Technique of Lymphatic drainage that is already in more than 20 countries and has been revolutionizing the lives of other women who work in the beauty market also, a lot like you.

With the “Brazilian Face Lymphatic by Josie Rushing”, you will be able to sculpt your client’s face in just ONE 25 minutes session, promoting her well-being and taking you further and further away from your competition.

This is the difference that will change your career.

Discover the future of a facial massage and offer a unique differential to your customers.

Increase your revenue by 3x.

Learn from the best in the business, celebrity massage therapist Josie Rushing.

High quality material, and lots of practice details to help you learn when, where, and how you are able to give your best .


the Brazilian Face LYMPHATIC

helps with Fine lines, Facial contouring, Puffiness reduction, Under-eye bags, and much more. Massage moves the fluid that is located in your facial lymphatic system and helps to remove the waste and toxins from that facial tissue; thus providing a more defined shape and appearance to your face.


Comprehensive practice class


Study at your own pace


International Certification

Marketing Material Available

You will learn the technique and receive your certificate within 24 hours after completing the course.

The Celebrity Massage Therapist:

Josie Rushing is a Self-Made, 6x Award Winning, Brazilian Celebrity Massage Therapist.

She is one of the more prominent names behind the Brazilian Lymphatic Massage here in the U.S. with her own unique style, and has personally seen thousands of clients from her 3 Brazilian spa locations in America.

She also owns two Product Lines, and has 1000+ Certified students from her proprietary Brazilian Beauty Formula course, all living in 20 different countries (including the U.S.) She has also closed a deal on Shark Tank Brazil and has been featured by numerous forms of press around the United States.

Our technique in 20 different countries
and 41 states in the U.S.



Marketing E-book

7 mistakes to avoid in your business

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Value $ 2,000

From: $999

For Only: $ 499

Brazilian Face Lymphatic
by Josie Rushing

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The difference is most definitely the outline of your body. Any client who receives Brazilian Lymphatic by Josie Rushing will receive all the benefits of a regular lymphatic + the contouring.

It strengthens the immune system, contours your client’s while offering a state of well-being, boosts their self-esteem and induces deep relaxation.

This authorial and exclusive technique by Josie has specific movements all over the face, stimulating some specific drainage points.

We do not require any experience to take our Online, but you must verify, according to the laws of your country/state which regulations and licenses you’d need to have to begin working with lymphatic drainage. If you decide to learn for yourself (for self lymphatic) or if you’ll be doing on others for free in a non-business environment, you do not require a license.

Yes, if it is performed with a certified professional using the appropriate technique(s)

You can become certified in just one day. It will ultimately depend upon your schedule and your availability to complete all of the course.

Of course you can. You will have 30 full days of my unconditional support [Via Facebook Group] to ask any written, audio or video questions that may come up.

One day, girl! If you are truly committed to becoming successful, you can get this class done in just one single day. But don’t forget, you will have 120 days to revisit the class however many times you would like.


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