Here's everything that you'll learn at the event which will unveil the Brazilian Technique and the Path to show You how to earn 6 figures a year, using only your hands!

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CLASS 1 | March 24th

⏰ 5:07pm PST Los Angeles | 8:07pm EST New York

HANDS ON: Adjusting the route to reach your 6-digit income with the Brazilian Massage Technique that is beloved by Numerous Celebrities.

CLASS 2 | March 25th

⏰ 5:07pm CST Los Angeles | 8:07pm EST New York

HANDS ON: The “behind the scenes” that the whole market is hiding from you: 3 Fundamental Pillars to keep your schedule consistently full of high-ticket paying clients with the Brazilian Drainage

CLASS 3 | March 26th

⏰ 05:07pm CST Los Angeles | 8:07pm EST New York

HANDS ON: The Secrets behind the Brazilian Drainage Technique, In Practice and on a Live Model!

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Learning the Brazilian Lymphatic Technique is the step-by-step process that can help you attract high-ticket clients and achieve financial freedom, using only your hands!


During the Brazilian Lymphatic Masterclass, you’ll learn how a Brazilian Massage technique, that is now famous in over 20+ countries, has become the favorite of Hollywood Celebrities and Socialites!


In Three Exclusive Sessions of a Dedicated Zoom room, I’ll provide you with my step-by-step method to fill your schedule with high-ticket clients daily, earning handsomely without ending the day in pain.


All of this using only your hands, a jar of cream, and the step-by-step guide that I’ll provide, you’ll be able to earn six figures per year!


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